Kolomea Databases & Lists For Surname Searches #galicia

Alan Weiser <alanboy@...>


The following databases have been, are, or will be available for
surname searches by the Kolomea Research Group (KRG) Coordinator.

1. Kolomea AGAD Vital Records Indexes. These are indexes of birth,
marriage, and death records are prepare by JRI-PL and eventually
posted online at www.jewishgen.org web site. Current records >from 1865
to 1901 have been indexed. Records for 1902-1903 have been sent to
AGAD and will be indexed when $570 US have been donated to JRI-PL AGAD

2. Kolomea Kahilla Dues Payers 1938. This list is posted online at
www.jewishgen.org in the Holocaust database.

3. Kolomea School Enrollment List, 1933-1934 for two elementary
grade schools. 1,115 entries. A second list of parents petitioning
for Polish as the language of instruction has 96 entries. Currently
this list is available only >from the KRG Coordinator. This list was
procured by the KRG Coordinator >from a Lviv researcher with funds
provided by the Gesher Galicia Research Grant Program.

4. Kolomea Portion of 1929 Polish Business Directory. 1,452 entries.
Currently this database is available only >from the KRG Coordinator.
Scanned pages of the Directory can be found at www.jewishen.org web
site. The scanned pages can not be sorted; thus, searching for
surnames is a hunt-and-peck process.

If you are interested in having the KRG Coordinator conduct searches
for your surnames of interest and provide you with reports of data
found in the lists or databases, submit your name and email address,
your surnames of interest including given names if known, and indicate
which database(s) or list(s) you want searched to the KRG Coordinator
( alanboy@... ) for additional details about the searches and

Alan Weiser, Coordinator
Kolomea Research Group & Web Site
JRI-PL AGAD Project/Kolomyya Town Leader
Silver Spring, MD

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