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Wayne N. Frankel <wnf@...>

Dear Listers,

My cousins and I are trying to determine if there are vital records
for around 1900 and earlier >from VILKAVISKIS (aka VILKAVISHKI,
WOLKOVYSKI, WILKAWISC), Lithuania. It is unclear to us what is, or
isn't available for this town. While there now seems to be a cache
of vital records for many towns in at least two Lithuanian provinces,
Kovno and Vilna, there is no mention of VILKAVISKIS amongst them (as
far as we can tell). Although there are facile means to endorse and
support record finding research within the Litvak SIG group via the
Litvak SIG web site, this SIG does not appear to cover towns in the
VILKAVISKIS uzeyd. On the other hand, the Suwalk-Lomza SIG does
cover the region as VILKAVISKIS is in the old Suwalk province. But
the back-issues of their Landsman journal do not index such records
nor can I determine >from the indices whether anyone in the group has
found them, or has undertaken their research.

We would greatly appeciate suggestions for how to proceed further with this.

Thanks again for your help,

Wayne Frankel
Bar Harbor


MODERATOR'S NOTE: A search of the archival database on Miriam Weiner's
Routes to Routes Foundation website < > will show
there are very few surviving vital records for Vilkaviskis.

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