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Howard Margol <homargol@...>

The Jewish Museum in Vilnius Lithuania has a collection of 140
negatives in black and white with portraits, names, addresses, and
occupation of the entire Jewish population of Vabalninkas. Additionally,
the museum has photographs of views of the city, the synagogue, and
groups of Jewish people, as well as historical material on the Jews
who settled there.

All of the photographs are >from before 1941 and some may be as early
as the early 1900's.

The museum would like to publish an album or a book about Vabalninkas
which would include all of the above. However, a lack of funds prevents
them >from doing so. During the last week in June, I will be in Vilnius.
If there is enough interest >from those researching Vabalninkas, I will
obtain an estimate of what it would take to produce an album or book,
and let you know. We can then see if it is a feasible project.

Another possibility is to create an index of the names in the
photographs, as well as in the other material. Once the index is created
and available on the internet, individuals could send an order to the
museum and obtain a copy of a particular photograph.

This project is not connected with LitvakSIG

Please let me know what your interest in this project is, if any.

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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