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Alexander Sharon

Karol Schlosser wrote:

Hope someone out there can help. I came across two records on EIDB which
may be connected to me. The towns recorded are Lomsc and Lomra. Anyone
have a
clue where or what these towns may be? Can they be one and the same?
the only other clue I have of home town is Koniuszhow. I've been told
that this
can be one of two towns- one near Stryj and one near Brody. I think the
near Brody might be the right one. Could the other towns (Lomsc and
Lomra) be
near Koniuszhow? I can't find it on a map or Stetl finder.

Also, is anyone researching the name SCHWANBURD? If so, can you contact
directly? And can anyone who has experience checking on Death
certificates in
New York City also contact me directly? I have some questions they might
me with.


I believe that town you are searching for is Lomna. Handwritten words
sometimes are playng the trick.
You are correct, there are two Lomna but location of towns is not near Stryj
and Brody.

1. Lomna #1 was located in Dobromil district Lwow Province. Following WWII
reshuffle of the borders between USSR and Poland, town is now located within
Polnad modern borders and is identify at 4938 2231, 25 km South of Przemysl.

Town prewar general population (1921 census) was 672 people. There is no
evidence (1929 Directory) that Jewish people have been residing there.

WOWW quotes Jewish population in this town at 235 which appears to be
This data should have been allocated to Lomna #2.

2. Lomna #2

This Lomna with all other territories located East of Bug River, following
WWII, have been given to Ukraine and town name was changed to Limna - see at
4915 2250.

Prior to WWII (1921 census) town was part of Turka district in Stanislawow
Province. Town general population (1921 census) was 1775 people and as 1929
Directory attests, Jews have been residing amongst them.
Town is located on the eastern slopes of the Beskid range, part of the
Carpathian Mountains

Those are Jewish names for Lomna #2 as per 1929 directory:

POZNAR, R - midwife
SONDMAN I and M - tailors
HIRT, O - baker ( Correct name should read: Hirth)
ARBEIT, I - general store
KESSLER, M- general store
SINGER, S- general store
TEICHMAN, M - general store
SZTARK, Chaim and SZTARK, M - butchers
RESPLER, S and SINGER, I - upholsterers
SUSS, H - tobaconeer
HIRTH, O - liquor store (tavern)
KAMPF, B - liquor store (tavern)

Our people residing in the shtetls alongside the east slopes of Carpathians
have been "transported" with the residents of Turka, Stary Sambor and Sambor
towns and nearby villages in a first days of August 1942 to Belzec death

There are no entries for Lomna in JGFF database.

Town Koniuszkow was part of Brody district, Tarnopol Province prior to WWII
Currently town name has been slightly modified and is known nowadays as
Konyushkov at 5008 2507 in Ukraine.

This message has been aslo forwarded to GG discussion group since
information about the towns is the subject of the general interest.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab, Canada

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