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steven weiss <szome@...>

I am researching the shtetl of Panemunelis (Panimunok- 5555 2529). The
following four captions belong to the only pre-war photos >from Panemunelis
which I have seen. They can be found as part of the Rokiskis Yizkor Book.
Will anyone be at the conference in Israel that has access to any other
photographs for this shtetl? Or can anyone advise me as to where in Israel
(or anywhere else) I might be able to find any other photos? Thank you.

1. L. Karabelnik

2. Ezra Karabelnik

3. Zalman-Itze Misrakh

4. Panemunak Yiddish youth at the Nemunelis River. Right to left: Leah
Beralski, Lyuba Kavalski, Vita Karabelnik, Beila Yaffa and Moishe Karabelnik

Steven Weiss
Also researching Zelva (Podzelva/Pazelva), Ukmerge District, Lithuania

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