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Chaim freedman

I am trying to trace families which had the rare Hebrew firstname Yehoash.
In most cases the name underwent a transition to Heibish, Hoibish. In
Russian records it appears as Gevush. In Polish records it appears as
Hovsha, although I am not entirely convinced that the same form may have
been used for Yehoshua.

In particular one of my wife's ancestors appears in the 1816 Revision List
for Ludza (Lutzin): Shmuel Super (born 1781) with the patronymic Gevush. He
had a son Yankel-Heibish born 1834 and a grandson Yosef-Yehoash born about

There is a tradition that the family Super were Soferim and may have
originated in Vilna or Linkuva. In Ludza they were also Liquor dealers
and butchers.

I have searched the 18th Vilna censuses (thanks to David
Hoffman's Jewish Family History Foundation) and whilst I
have found several Howshas, none suits the family configuration,
particularly in association with another common family name Tuviah
(variously Tevel, Guttman, Guta).

I would like to hear >from anyone in the Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus regions
who may have some connection with these names.

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

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