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Alexander Sharon

From: "Donald Hurd" <>

Augusta ZORN, my wife's grandmother was born on 4 March 1880, I believe,
in Grybow.

I have just discovered that although few vital Jewish records of Grybow
exist, those for 1878 - 1881 still exist in the Nowy Sacz archive. I have
read on various websites that it is no good writing to Polish Archives in
English. Is this still the case?

Can anyone provide me the text of a short letter in Polish to ask for a
search for Augusta's birth record and (if found) a copy?

My father in law's birth certificate says he was born at Konclowa in the
district of Grybow. Does anybody know if this the same place as the place
called Kaclowa which is on a map at about 8 km south of

My wife's grandfather was Oswald RICHTER. I do not know his date or place
of birth. If I cannot find his or Augusta's birth, in Grybow in the above
mentioned records then we are up against a brick wall. I have citations of
numerous RICHTERs and ZORNs but no connection. The only other facts I know
are that this couple married in 1899, that Augusta's father was Abraham
ZORN who had a sawmill in Grybow or Konclawa, that Oswald died probably
in Vienna in the early 1930s and that Augusta died in the Holocaust.

Can anybody suggest other records that could be accessed or other steps to
break down the brick wall. I have consulted the JGGF and written to
various people but with no resulting "hits".

I hope someone can help.

Donald Hurd
Dear Donald,

Konclowa and Kaclowa is the same place. In Polish Kaclowa is written with
variation of Polish letetr "a' with the end diacritic mark known as
"'ogonek" or tail (a,) which is pronounced as 'on', hence Konclowa.

In Kaclowa amongst 1127 total population (1921 censuss) were 17 Jewish


Zorn Abraham is listed twice in Kaclowa as the wood industry businessman and
the saw mill owner.
Refer to Poland 1929 Business Directory Kaclowa page at:

Under the subheader "drzewny przemysl" (wood industry), the second line
from the top, you will read:
Zorn A., Sp. z.o.o, which translates as: Zorn. A., Company Ltd.(registered

And under the subheaader "tartaki" (saw mills) you will read: Zorn,
Abrah[am], (par). Abbreviation (par) refers to the "parowy" or steam driven
machinery. Beside Abraham there was only other competitor in the wood
business - the local co-op, but only Abraham was the saw mills owner.

Please note that Kaclowa is known >from their wooden archtecture church, which
was built in 1926-1929. Wood was most probably supplied by Abraham Zorn.

I believe that you should make a trip to Nowy Sacz with the hired
translator, and beside recovering your family records, you should check
also property documentation, if any of the properties (saw mills and
buildings) are belong legally to you. You may for example to inherit a
church built by Abraham Zorn <grin>
Krakow Jewish Community will assist you with arranging the translator
services and the lawyer when you will be needed one.


In All Poland database

Enter name Richter, chose exact spelling and select Krakow wojewodstwa

You will ses the following in marriages. Augusta, daughter of Abham and
Cecylia Zorn was getting married to Majer Melzer in 1901.

RICHTER Augusta 1901 M 181 992 Kraków Abraham Cecylia Bann
MELZER Majer 1901 M 181 992 Swiatyn Józef Hinda Bann

Majer Melzer was >from Sniatyn (Swiatyn is not correct spelling) in
Stanislawow Province, also in Galicia.
Most probably Abraham was born in Eastern Galicia or had some family left
there before he ararived in Grybow.
In Galicia 1891 Business Directory there is listings for Zorn in Stryj,
Stanislawow Privince.

ZORN S Stryj
Holzhandler Wood Dealers

And have you checked Yad vaShem Holocaust directory

There is listing for Corn >from Grybow, but site is not working properly

Best of Luck, Donald

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta
JGFF editor

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