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Paul Gordon <flash@...>

I've posted a number of old family photos on my web site, and I'm asking for
help in identifying some of the people in them.

One set has members of my grandfather's GORDON-FRIEDMAN-FRIEDSON family.
Most of the photos were taken in New York >from the 1920s-1950s. The
pictures belonged to my grandparents Harry and Betty GORDON, who lived in
the Bronx during that time.

Harry's father was Louis (Elisha) GORDON(OVICH), the son of Bendet
GORDON(OVICH) and Sarah FRIEDSON. Louis was born in the 1870s in Soll in
Vilna Gubernia; this is modern-day Soly, Belarus. Louis had two brothers in
New York: Henry and Sam.

Harry's mother was Anna/Alta (Chava Leah) FRIEDMAN, daughter of Leib
FRIEDMAN. I think that Anna was born in the 1870s in Srednik, near Kovno,
and had FRIEDMAN and FRIEDSON relatives >from the nearby town of Jonava.

Louis and Anna had a number of relatives in New York whose connection to the
family I haven't been able to figure out. Some of them may be in these
photos. Such relatives include:

Herman J. LEWIS (born in Russia in 1880s, son of Abraham) and his wife Sarah
GREENBERG (born in Russia in 1890s, daughter of Samuel and Fannie). Herman
and Sarah had three children who were born >from 1917-1926: Albert (a
rabbi), David, and Florence.

Edward GREENBERG (born in NYC in 1890s, son of Samuel and Jenny) and his
wife Bess. Edward and Bess's children were Beverly and Bobby. Edward's
siblings were Sidney, Jacob, Henry, Irving, and Leon.

Brothers Edward, Samuel, and Louis FRIEDMAN, all born in Jonava in the
1860s-1870s. They were the children of Abram FRIEDMAN (aka FRIEDSON) and

Morris GREENBERG (born in Russia in the 1870s-1880s, son of David and Dora)
and his wife Blanche. Their children Miriam (GOODFRIEND), Alfred, and
Charles (GREEN) were all born between 1917-1926.

Please take a look at these photos at If
you recognize anyone, please contact me.

And to see photos >from other branches of my family, go to


Paul Gordon
Silver Spring, MD
JGFF researcher # 5319

Researching (all in Lithuania unless stated otherwise):

FRIEDLAND - Ariogala
FRIEDMAN - Seredzius and Jonava
FRIEDSON - Soly (Belarus) and Jonava
GORDON and GORDONOVICH - Soly (Belarus) and Vilna area
MARKOVICH - Ariogala

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