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I was in Mariampole this summer and visited the same site. There is a
second site as you enter town which has a circle of 6-8 rescued stones
around a small monument. I did not make note of the names. My guide
showed me only those two cemeteries plus the site where Jews were
murdered in September 1941. There is one memorial stone for the

I would also like to know if anyone was able to find any other

I did take with me a copy of a handwritten map by a survivor living
in Israel who made the map based on how the town looked in 1941. The two
cemeteries were noted on it. The map was in a book Mariampole,
Lithuania, 2nd edition published by Avraham Tory in 1986. Three-fourth
in Hebrew and the rest in English. There is a list of names of deceased
in Hebrew. By the way, a woman at the Marijampole Archives made a copy
of the map which we translated >from Hebrew to English to Lithuanian for
the woman. She then indicated which buildings were still standing. The
Archives and the remains of a synagogue were located on what had been a
main Jewish thoroughfare.

Marcia F. Goldberg
Fargotstein/Fargotszteyn (Mariampole); Zober/Isber (Kovno or Kovno
Gubernia); Reitberg/Roitbord (Bialystok); Gollob (Bialystok)

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