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Tamar Dothan <dothan-t@...>


I have just been told we had relatives in Siauliai/Shavel/Shavli who had
a potographer's studio there. Unfortunately I don't know their name.
Can anyone help me find out names of Jewish photographers >from
Siauliai? Or if there was just one studio or more?

Thanks a lot.

Tamar Dothan
Jerusalem, Israel

Looking for: EDELMAN ->from Keidan and Kraziai; SROELOV- >from Keidan,
Siaulenai and USA; SMILG->from Keidan; LEVIN->from Keidan and Paris;

YOSEPOV and LUTZKY ->from Zhvanetz; LERNER->from Dunayevtze, Minkovtsy,
Kitaigorod and Tiraspol; LISSIN->from Dunayevtze.

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