HOCHAUSER/MANDELBOIM from Piwniszna (near Nowy Sasz) #galicia

Pnina Meislish <pniname@...>

Dear friends,
I try to find the origins of the family of my father Moshe MANDELBOIM, ben
Aharon Yoseph.
My father was born in Piwniszna, near Nowy Sasz, Feb. 1905. He came to
Israel at April 1934 and died in Jerusalem at Feb. 1957.
His Brother Wolf - Abraham Zeev -some years younger- immigrated to Antwerp
and was murdered in Auswitz.
Does any one know something about him?

My grandfather Aharon Yoseph ben Shmuel died in the Ghetto of Krakow May
My Grandmother Golda Zussel MANDELBOIM bat Shmuel HOCHAUSER was born in
Piwniszna and was murdered in Belzecz.
Does anyone know about this branch of HOCHAUSER ?

Lots of thanks,
Dr. Pnina Meislish, Jerusalem

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