Re: Drohobycz:King Wladyslaw Jagiello Gymnasium Photo #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Pamela Weisberger wrote

I've posted a photograph, taken in Drohobycz, Poland (Galicia) today,
Ukraine, circa 1934 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the King
Wladyslaw Jagiello Gymnasium on JG's Viewmate.

The image can be viewed at:

If you can identify any of the teachers or students in this picture,
please contact me privately. However, if you have information about this
school, students or teachers that might be of interest to the entire
group, please respond to the list.

This photograph was provided by David Einsiedler, who was a student there
for six years, graduating in 1937. He is the student in the fourth row
back--dead center with a v-neck white-collared shirt.)

There are also some partial surnames written at the bottom which may be
familiar to you.

Thank you.
Dear Pamela,

Amongst the teachers, second >from the right at the bottom row is Bruno
Schultz (Brunon Szulc in Polish), who was the drawing teacher and world
famous writer and painter.

See his other photograph:

Born in Drogobycz, Galicia, Schultz trained as an architect and during the
years 1924-39 taught art in the high school of his home town. In his novels,
he set his tales in a small town, much like his own, though bereft of local
color, combining authenticity with fantasy and myth. Schultz was a pioneer
of the magical and absurd and he mingled his personal recollections with
visionary fantasies. In 1938 Schultz was awarded a prize by the Polish
Academy of Literature for his two published works. During the Nazi
occupation he was murdered by the SS.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab.

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