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Ella Barkan <elbarkan@...>

R’ Joseph Zeev MAMJOFFE was the last Rabbi of Mazeikiai until he was
murdered in August 1941 with all the Jewish community of Mazeikiai.

I have read that the meaning of the surname MAMJOFFE is M”M Joffe. M’M means
“Mimishpachat Mordechai “ – >from Mordechai’s family, meaning >from Rabbi
Mordechai Jaffe, author of “Baal Halevush”.

Can someone confirm it or is there another explanation.

Thanks for your answers.

Ella Barkan

AVRECH, SABEL-Retowo, Mazeik Lithuania / Liepaja, Riga Latvia
JACOBSON-Libau (Liepaja), Riga, Jekabpils Latvia > Bronx NY 1906, Israel
TROTIZ- Svenciany, Lithuania / Libau, Riga Latvia / Paris, France 1938
MAMJOFFE, VOLK - Mazeik Lithuania / Libau Latvia
BARKAN, DONDE, FONAROV - Latvia, USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Israel
ZIDON – Leizuva, Mazeik Lithuania / Libau, Riga Latvia / South Africa /
Israel ~1922

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