Lithuania SIG #Lithuania FAQ's explanation typo error #lithuania

Howard Margol

In yesterdays Digest I posted a question and answer pertaining to the
Litvak SIG FAQ's. I made a typo error which I apologize for and want
to correct.

<< 3. What are the ALD '/' (delimiters) used for in the ALD? The
number of '/' are not the same for all records. >>

Rather than spell out the entire source, i.e., LVIA/Fond 1228/Apras
1/Byla125/Lapas 62, it is a space saving way of using LVIA/1228/1/125/62.
The Fond/Apras/Byla numbers will almost always be shown but not
necessarily the Byla number. The numbers are based on the official
filing system used by the Lithuanian archives. With these numbers,
an archivist can go directly to the particular record in question.

I should have stated that the Lapas (page number) is not always shown.

Howard Margol

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