Polisuik from Tarnopol Gubernia #galicia

Billie Stein <billie@...>

I am trying to track the genealogy of my uncle-by-marriage, Meir
Zeev (Wolf) SELZER born in 1907 in Trembowla in the Tarnopol
Guberina, then Poland, now Ukraine. I've done fairly well with
the SELZER side of the family, and am now working on his mother's
side. She was Jette Perl POLISIUK, and she had 3 sisters and 1
brother: Jochewed, married to Hersh HAMMER (I found records of
the births of 4 of their children in the Kozlow PSA AGAD births
on JRI-Poland database); Yehudit, married to Yitzchok Zvi
ZLOCHOWER, and a third sister who's name I don't know, but who
married a POSTMAN (first name also unknown). The families of the
sisters (HAMMER, ZLOCHOWER & POSTMAN) moved to America at some
time before World War 2, and as far as I know, all survived the
holocaust. The brother was Pinchus POLISIUK, and he emigrated to
Palestine in the 1930's. The SELZERs remained in Trembowla and
unfortunately, my uncle Meir was his family's sole survivor. He
emigrated to Palestine in 1943 and died in Bnai Brak in 1985.

The 5 siblings were the children of Meir Wolf POLISIUK, who,
according to undocumented family tradition was a descendent of
the MaHarSha (Harav Shlomo Eliezer Halevi), and each of the
children in turn had a son named Meir Wolf (Max in English).

I am in touch with the ZLOWCHOWER and POLISIUK families, but
they don't know much about the past. I am trying to track down
the HAMMERs and the POSTMANs, as well as any information that can
connect them to the MaHarSha.

Please reply privately unless your answer is of interest to the
entire list.

Many thanks,

Billie Stein
President, IGS-Tel Aviv

Researching >from Belarus: DINNIN (Mogilev), PLOTKIN
(Bobruisk/Mogilev), RUBENSTEIN (Bobruisk)
from Galicia : LAMM, GLANTZ (Sieniawa) STEIN, JAKOB (Tarnow/Nowe
Zukowice) SELZER (Trembowla, Tarnopol), POLISIUK (Tarnopol
from Ukraine: HOFFMAN (Yashin)

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