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Robert Alexander Rene Dupuis <Rob.Dup.@...>


do you know some things about Jewish officials working for the Russian
railway compagnie in Vilnius ?

One of them was my late ggrandfather Jakob ben David
KANTOROVITSCH/KANTOROWICZ (or different other spellings), who worked as a
Translator/interpreter for french and english language in Lithuania and then
as the operating chief/department managers of the second department of the
Russian railway company >from 1862/63 til 1894 in Vilnius/Lithuania and from
1894 til 1898 in Warsawa/Poland.

How did one get a position at the Russian railway company? Must one have
completed the military service before? Which education was to be gotten a
condition around the post of a higher railway official, specially for Jewish
people ?

Robert Dupuis
Berlin, Germany

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