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re: Hardboiled eggs, salt water and Kneidlach!

Does someone perhaps know the reasoning
behind the fact that Ashkenazi Jews i.e. those
from Eastern European ancestry eat eggs and
salt water as the "starters" to a Pessach meal,
whereas Sephardi Jews do not.

The same applies to Kneidle in Chicken Soup.
Sephardim eat chicken soup with vegetables of
the season as their Pessach Sedar Soup course,
whereas Ashkenazim eat clear chicken broth with

An answer for me to give my grandchildren will be
greatly appreciated as I myself am stumped with these
two traditions.

Beryl Baleson

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Although readers of this list have demonstrated great
affection for exchanges of family food customs and recipes, since Pesach
is over, we will not begin a thread in response to this question. Please
respond to Beryl privately, and if she wishes, she can share a summary of
the authoritative responses with the rest of the list.

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