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I entered "Lithuania" as a search term on the following database and the
following results were produced. Further information on some of the persons
is available on the inter-active site:

Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands

Michel Parzenczewski »
Wladislawow, 10th July 1868
Amsterdam, 3rd May 1943

Joselis Rachmelis »
Mazeikia, 10th February 1908
Auschwitz, 30th September 1942

Max Stern »
Mariampol, 24th May 1888
Auschwitz, 17th September 1943

Isidor Sternberg »
Mariampol, 10th June 1871
Sobibor, 23rd July 1943

Bernhard Melamed »
Séda, 19th January 1898
Auschwitz, 31st January 1943

Szaja Abram Bornsztajn »
Wladislawow, 22nd December 1899
Auschwitz, 31st March 1944

Juditha Koltum-Nichamowski »
Mariampol, 12th September 1899
Sobibor, 23rd July 1943

Sanna Brenner-Sindler »
Kowna, 20th January 1862
Auschwitz, 25th January 1943

Sjloema Meier Sjer »
Lukniki, 18th June 1879
Sobibor, 4th June 1943

Feiga van Gelder-Rufaite »
Mariampol, 29th September 1904
Auschwitz, 29th July 1942

Weduwe Pesja Katz-Novoselok »
Daugavpils, 18th May 1905
Sobibor, 4th June 1943

Weduwe Minna Schwarz-Olschwanger »
Tauroggen, 8th September 1875
Sobibor, 21st May 1943

Weduwe Lina Kopelman-Schapiro »
Plumjan, 6th June 1865
Birkenau, 25th January 1943

Weduwe Berta Minna Rothschild-Hochland »
Wystiten, 25th March 1881
Sobibor, 23rd July 1943

Steven Weiss

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