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This is a one-time posting regarding the forthcoming publication on May 18,
2005, of the book "Murderous Medicine" by Dr. Naomi Baumslag, Clinical
Professor of Pediatrics at Georgetown University Medical School and
President of the Womens' International Public Health Network. Published by
Greenwood Publishing Group, the book is 304 pages and is available >from most
large-scale book stores and Jewish outlets.

Formerly >from South Africa, Dr. Baumslag wrote the book in memory of over 48
of her relatives who were killed in the Holocaust in Belarus, Latvia and
Lithuania. She has researched extensively the relationship of health
professionals and human rights both during the Holocaust and in apartheid
South Africa and has served on national and international human rights
committees. In addition, she and her husband Dr. Ralph Yodaiken have
contributed articles to "Avotaynu" and have presented papers at IAJGS
Conferences on their genealogical and life experiences.

"Murderous Medicine" focuses on the over 1.5 million concentration camp
prisoners who died of typhus, a preventable disease. Despite measures
developed to control and prevent the outbreak of typhus, German doctors used
the disease to encourage a form of biological warfare against those who did
not fit into their racist ideology, i.e., the Jews, Slavs, and gypsies.

Despite this rampant racial policy, Jewish doctors managed to struggle to
save their patients and prevent further outbreaks where possible. Their
valient efforts were not successful as they faced overwhelming odds, but, at
least, they tried their best. The book also discusses the role of the
International Red Cross during and after WWI and WWII and it details the
complicity of multinational corporations in the furtherance of Nazi typhus

The book stresses not only the results of the lack of ethics during WWII by
the German medical profession, but the importance today of monitoring and
holding accountable the medical profession, researchers and drug companies
who put their efforts into the development of biological agents as weapons
of war.

This is a fascinating study of a little-known topic which affected many of
our relatives during the Holocaust. It underscores their suffering and
death as a result of the unethical behavior by those who ignored the
Hypocratic Oath and societal codes of ethical behavior.

Ann Rabinowitz

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