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Ada Green

Even though the ALD was recently updated, there are still advantages to
joining the LitvakSIG uyezd research groups not only to receive future
documents at least a year before they are released to the ALD, but even for
*past* ones as well.

Vilijampole researcher Jerry Atkin <> joined the
Kaunas uyezd group in February 2005. Even though the 1834 and 1850
Vilijampole revision lists were already in the ALD for well over a year
beforehand, Jerry's surnames of research were spelled slightly differently
in Lithuania than what he knew them to be. He was able to find his
ancestors only by having the actual Excel files in front of him where he
could search record by record. The following testimony >from Jerry is a
classic example of the advantage of joining the uyezd groups:

begin quoted message

Dear Ada,

I've been remiss in not thanking you for your help. About 3 months ago, you
sent me the databases >from the Kaunas District Research Group, specifically
the lists for Vilijampole. What a treasure they are! Previously, in
researching my mother's family ( SIMON, SIMELES, SHIMELES, I could only go
back to my great-grandfather ( Aaron SIMELES) and great-grandmother ( Bertha
SIMELES). As a result of the wealth of information in the lists, I was able
to discover, and connect back to, Abram SHIMELES, my great-great-great-great
grandfather, who was born some time in the 1770's or 80's. Also, along with
this were names of dozens of sons, daughters, spouses, cousins, etc. I think
my knowledge of the SIMON side of my family tripled over all. I'm certainly
looking forward to the publication of the 1874 Vilijampole data. Again,
thank you and your group so much. If you think you want to post this to the
LitvakSIG Digest, please feel free to do so. Jerry Atkin

end quoted message

So even though the uyezd research groups have been in existence since 1998,
they continue to have a number of advantages over relying exclusively on
the ALD. Congratulations to Jerry for having such amazingly great success!

Ada Green
LitvakSIG Kaunas district research group co-ordinator

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