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A video of this talk can be watched online through the Booktv web site:

<Description: Michael Good profiles the life of Nazi army officer Major Karl
Plagge. In "The Search for Major Plagge," the author recounts how the
officer saved his mother, Pearl, and 250 Jews >from death in a concentration
camp Lithuania during the Holocaust. Mr. Good explains that he decided to
research Major Plagge's story after visiting Lithuania in the summer of
1999. This event was hosted by the Durham Public Library in Connecticut.

Author Bio: Dr. Michael Good is a physician in Durham, Connecticut. His
father, William Good, survived the war after escaping execution by the

Publisher: Fordham University Press University Box L Bronx, NY 10458>

LitvakSIG Vilna District Research Group Coordinator Joel Ratner is
mentioned by the author.

Steven Weiss

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