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Howard Margol

The information you mention is >from tax and voter lists. Unfortunately,
that is the only information recorded on the tax and voter lists. KRA
denotes the original record is in the Kaunas Regional Archive. Using the
records >from KRA/I-49/1?17526 as a base, the archives may be able to find
a revision list for that same individual. Revision lists contain far more

See the FAQ's linked >from the LitvakSIG homepage at
for instructions on contacting the archives.

Howard Margol

<<From: "ben.forman" <ben.forman@...>
Thanks to those of you who responded to my email below who
have informed me of the common relationship between the
name Elihaya and Eliash, what I would like know is would
the record associated with KRA/I-49/1/17526 have any
further information on it other than that given in the
results table >from the tax and voter list e.g. the names
of the other male and 3 females who are also referenced.
If there is further information available who can I
contact to get it?>>

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