Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Searching: LEAF nee LIEBERMAN/LIFSCHITZ/LOEW/LEV Original Shtetls and/or Gubernias #lithuania

Rachelle <rlberliner@...>

In an effort to determine the exact origin shtetl and/or gubernia of our
LEAF family, listed below are the given names within the descendants of
two brothers Joseph Osher LEAF nee LIFSCHITZ and Shimshon LEAF nee
LIEBERMAN/LOEW (pronounced LEV).

Just recently 25 year old information has been sent to us that the
family could have been >from Latvia. A member OBM of the Joseph Osher LEAF
family had memory of being told her father was originally >from Odessa,

According to the Ellis Island Data Base, via, the
Shimshon LEAF family came >from Swislowitz, Russia (now Swisloch in

This information is confusing since there are three different possible
locations of where our family began.

Joseph Osher LIFSCHITZ (as we believe) was married to Basha JASELOFF

Descendants' given names:

Sampson (Shmuel)
Sarah (Sorah -- maybe)
Harry Aaron (Hershel Aharon)
Anna (Channah)

Shimshon LIEBERMAN/LOEW was married to Alter Neome AIN

Descendants' given names:
Samuel Isaiah (Shmuel Yishaiah)
Max (Mendel)
Morris (Moshe)

If anyone has these names on their family tree, I would greatly
appreciate hearing >from you, privately.

Rachelle LEAF Berliner
Savannah, GA

Searching: Family surnames included in text of post.

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