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Gilda and Bob Kurtzman <gildak@...>

To all the researchers of Joniskelis, Lithuania,

I am beginning a new project for Joniskelis and am asking all researchers
who have roots or family >from the town to contact me it.

After very successfully connecting the Jewish families of Pusalotas, a
neighboring town, I realized that many of the people came >from Jonikelis or
went to Joniskelis, my family being among them. The Pusalotas file
contains, as of today, about 25 families. To my gratification and surprise,
I found that only five were not connected to another family in the town. I
assume the same will hold true for Joniskelis.

The first version of the Pusalotas file was given to the archives and
museums in Lithuania and to the researchers who are finding it fascinating.
They are also finding new family connections.

I am looking forward to hearing >from you and seeing what results this new
project will bring.

Gilda Kurtzman
Petach Tikva, Israel

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