Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: "Kapprasack"-what is correct town name? #lithuania

Debra Price <dsprice@...>

Naturalization papers state the person was born in "Kapprasack, Russia." I
know >from other documents that he was >from Lithuania, but no town is
given. I have searched the Shtetl Seeker and came up with KUPISKIS
(Kupishok in Yiddish). Would appreciate any suggestions of other
To add to my previous message, it relates to the PRUCE family, which
emigrated to Baltimore in the 1890's. The naturalization referred to above
took place in 1914.

I thank all for your help with this issue.
Debra Price
Plainview, NY

Also researching WEINER (Poland/Lithuania to Baltimore) and PUMPIANSKY.

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