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Howard Margol

Based on my experience, a clarification of an opinion previously
expressed about Jewish records in the Lithuanian archives is in order.
First of all, I completely agree with the statements >from Ann Rabinowitz
and >from Joel Ratner.

The early documents of the first quarter of the 1800s were not written
mostly in Polish and Hebrew. Russian was the official language, not
Polish. Many, many vital records were written in Yiddish, not Hebrew.
It varied according to the Rabbi who recorded the event.

There are Jewish records in Lithuanian or German.. Between 1919-1940,
Lithuania was an independent country and the records were written in
Lithuanian. The Historical Archive has thousands of Jewish vital records
written in Lithuanian. Also, during World War I, parts of Lithuania
were occupied by the Germans and some Jewish vital records were recorded
in German. A large part of the original records >from the Memel (Klaipeda)
Archive are stored in the Central Archive in Vilnius. Many of these records
cover the period 1790 - 1940 and all of the records are written in German.

I have an ongoing project to translate all of the Jewish internal passport
application files, 1919-1940. The applications are written in Lithuanian.
Some of the documents in each individual file are written in Russian,
German, or Polish depending on the type of document. I have also seen in
the Central Archive a file containing extensive information, as well as
photographs, pertaining to 1,000 individuals in the Lithuanian prison
in 1936. Many were Jewish inmates - mostly for being SUSPECTED of being
a Communist. All of these files are written in Lithuanian.

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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