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Olga Zabludoff <oz@...>

Howard Margol is on target with his response to Bonnie Frederics' query (see
LitvakSIG digest of September 6) regarding the 1937 census of Butrimonys
Jews which is posted on the ALD as a Tax and Voters list. I had responded
privately to Bonnie when I read her post on September 5, clarifying the
confusion. Here is the story in a nutshell:

When I went to Butrimonys in 2003, the mayor and priest of the town gave me
a copy of the 1937 census of the Jews of Butrimonys. This is a census which
had been commissioned by the church. It had been in the church archives for
66 years! It was written in Lithuanian.

Shortly thereafter I transliterated the census into English and submitted it
to LitvakSIG for posting on the ALD. It took a while to get there.

I will contact the webmaster of the ALD to see whether he can include an
introductory statement I had submitted along with the transliterated census
explaining the history of the list.

Olga Zabludoff
Washington, DC

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