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Can anyone venture an opinion based on the known experience of an
How would the school handle the girl's education? Would they
place her in the grade where most 14-year-olds are, or in
elementary school or what?
Olga, times are still the same. A lot of immigrants come to Israel
with no knowledge of the language. Children go to school and they get
extra language help.

You should read a few of the accounts of the immigrants themselves to
the USA. I recall the very amusing The Education of H*Y*M*A*N
K*AP*L*A*N; there is the book The Rise of David Levinsky by Avraham
Cahan; there are many, many books, articles and memoires on the
education of the immigrants in those days to the USA. One of the
more scholarly ones is Rishin's The Promised City. Anything by Oscar
Handlin always makes interesting reading. Check your nearest library.

Martha Lev-Zion
President, IGS-Negev

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