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Debra Price <dsprice@...>

A petite 14-year-old Jewish girl >from a small Lithuanian shtetl immigrates
to the United States in 1921. She doesn't speak a word of English--only
Yiddish. She lives with her uncle and aunt (both of whom immigrated much
earlier) in a town in Massachusetts. They enter the girl into the local
public school. How would the school handle the girl's education? Would they
place her in the grade where most 14-year-olds are, or in kindergarten,
elementary school or what?
Here is what happened with my mother, who arrived in the US >from Poland in
1928 at the age of 15. At that time, the school year was divided into two
semesters, A and B. My mother was placed in grade 6A, then skipped 6B and
went straight to 7A, then again skipped 7B and went straight to 8A.

Debra Price
Plainview, NY

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