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Is Brest Litovsk considered part of Lithuania? My grandfather always
considered himself a Litvak but I am seeing it as part of Belarus. I
have a question about his family >from Brest Litovsk. His last name
was Ruran which is rather unusual for a Jewish person. They were
very religious so I have no doubt that they were Jewish. His mother's
maiden name was Londinsky (also >from Brest) and she immigrated to the
US in around 1924. I know a lot about her family but have hit a wall
on him. Nobody in the family knows his father's family at all. Can
anyone tell me how to proceed with finding anything on him?

I know his father had died in Brest and his name was Benjamin David
Ruran but can find no documentation on him at all. I have looked
through all the Jewish Gen things available. I can't find any birth,
marriages or deaths with the name Ruran to prove he even existed!

Thank you.
Rishy Ruran Savin

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