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Roberta Sheps

My great-grandmother's maiden name was Rochel Leah Gurvitch (all spelling
variations considered). Her married name was Belovitsky. After marrying
my great grandfather, Zalman Hirsch Belovitsky, she lived in Papiskes
(aka Popishok), which is about 20 m. south of Vilna.

Popishok was too small to hold a Jewish community and I am operating on
theassumption that one of my great-grandparents must have come >from
somewhere not too far away. (There was only one other Jewish family there,
the Goldbergs, and one of my great-aunts married into that family).

Does anyone have any connections with Gurvitch's (or Horowitzes)>from
the Vilna area who might have been my great-grandmother's family?

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England

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