A Book About Czernowitz #galicia

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Would like to draw your attention to a book by
Florence Heymann titled "Le Crepusule des Lieux"
(Paris, Stock 2003)which is dedicated to the Jewish
history of Czernowitz(nowadays in the Ukraine,
previously Romania and Bukovina and Austro-Hungarian
Empire)in the 19th and 20th centuries.The author,is an
anthroppologist who lives in Jeusalem. Her paternal
origins are in Czernowitz(Hirschman family).

Last week she published a book about Leopold Weiss who
was born in Lwow in 1900(his grandfather was a rabbi
in Czernowitz) and who converted to Islam and changed
his name to Muhammad Asad. In the 1950s he was
Pakistan's Ambassador to the U.N.
Jacob Rosen

[MODERATOR NOTE: This book gets a one time mention here
because of the Lwow connection. Czernowitz and Bukovina
are covered by the Romania SIG.]

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