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Hi all,

I am trying to find descendants of my KANTOR relatives who originally came
from Paberze, Lithuania and then later on lived in Vilna (Vilnius) and the
surrounding areas in Lithuania.

My great great great great grandparents, Hertz (1776-1844) and Sarah
(1781-1866) KANTOR, lived in Paberze. They had 6 children that I know of:

1- Yakov KANTOR - He had Eliakum and Leib. Leib had Malkah, and Eliakum had

2- Yonah KANTOR - He had a daughter Chana who had Freida (last name unknown).

3- Aharon KANTOR - He had a daughter Pesil who had Hertz Berel and Hinde
(last name unknown).

4- Moshe KANTOR - I know nothing about him.

5- Hirsch KANTOR - He had Hertz, Meir, Tzippy and Fruma. Fruma had Hertzig,
Meir Henoch, Malkah and Sarah (last name unknown).

6- Eliyahu KANTOR (b. 1818) - Married Faiga OGUS (b. 1822) - This is my
family. They had the following children:

a- Mariashe KANTOR - Married Zalman SAPERSTEIN and had Nachum and

b- Shaina Tziviya KANTOR - Married Aharon SHTAIN and had Kayla,
Bella Gutta, Abba Yoseph, Mairiase and Meir Leib.

c- Margola KANTOR - Married Avraham YEDIDE and had Yitzchak,
Shaindel, Yakov Hertz and Clara. I believe that Clara may have moved to
the States or England. Her children were Saul, Irving David and Eli
(last name unknown).

d- Sarah KANTOR - Married Yehuda YESHIA and had Chana Kayla,
Shaina, Golda and Pesil.

e- Eliakum Shimon KANTOR - Married Rivka and had Leizer, Avraham,
Eide, Leah, Esther Sarah, Zalman, and Reuven.

f- Yitzchak KANTOR - I know nothing about him.

g- Shmuel KANTOR - I know nothing about him.

h- Miriam KANTOR - I know nothing about her.

i- Chana Hinde KANTOR (1845-1925) - Married David SHER. They were
my great great grandparents. They had Malka, Golda, Yakov Reuven, Mairiase,
Shmuel Hertz, and Eliakum Gavriel (1883-1938).

Except for the descendants of Chana Hinde KANTOR and Dovid SHER (my
immediate family) I do not know anything else about the families listed
here. I was led to believe that they may have all perished in the Holocaust
but do not know for sure.

I would love to hear back >from anyone who might possibly know of a
connection or anything at all about these families.

Thank you very much,

Michael Trapunsky
Queens, New York, USA

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