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Can anyone tell me where I can find the old archival records for Brest
Litovsk and also Zelva? I have a college friend who lives in Minsk
who is willing to search the archives for me but I am unsure if Brest
or Zelva will be there. If they are, can anyone tell me how to help
him look? I am sure it won't be easy.

Rishy Ruran Savin
Researching FIXEL, MINTZ, SEGALL in Mikulince, Tarnopol, Galicia
PERELMUTER, KAPLAN, KREINES in Zelva, Brest Litovsk,

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Search Miriam Weiner's Routes to Routes Foundation
Archival Database at to see what records exist
for a town and in what archive they are held. Since both Brest and
Zelva are in present-day Belarus, you should post your question about
research in the Minsk Archive on the Discussion Group of Belarus SIG.

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