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Sabrina Rabinovich

Dear fellow genealogists,

It took me some time to write this letter, but,
finally, I'd like to share good news with all of you
and to thank you all who sent me the name and
recommendations for the researcher >from Israel. My
husband's family pushed me to help them as the only
English speaker in the family to find the roots of
their ancestors in Druya. Personally I was never
involved in genealogy and found Jewishgen site by pure
chance. Many people of LitvakSig replyed to my first
message in August. I got several names of researchers
and started the correspondence. I found out that Druya
documents are in the State Lithuanian Historical
archives in Vilnius. After comparing the fees of local
researcher with the one >from Israel, I had chosen the
Israeli one. What she found was amazing! Indeed my
in-laws ancestors lived in Druya but some of them
moved to Vilna in 1885. The Druya birth records were
not survived, but the Vilna ones did. We have received
4 Druya revision lists and many birth records for
Vilna off-springs. Some of you asked me if we have
Rabbi in the family, I believe we did not, or at least
it was not confirmed. Besides Rabinovich family name
the researcher discovered the connection with other
families we did not know about. She sent us the
copies, created the family tree, and explained
everything in French. Again thank you everyone who
recommended her.

Please, contact me privately for her name.

Sabrina Rabinovich
Paris, France
Researching:Milmann,Levy,Rabinovich(Smorgany),Jofe,Grinin (Druya)

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