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I am trying to get a message to Shana Mink KATZ who contacted me recently,
privately. Shana, if you are reading this, my reply to your email
"bounced". Please can you contact me by looking me up in the Johannesburg
white pages. I am listed under A.P. Brest photography. I would like to make
contact with you re Vieksniai and Akmene, as you suggested to me.

Anne Lapedus Brest (ex Dublin, Ireland, Sandton South Africa
researching LAPEDUS (Vieksniai, Lithuania), KAHN (Vieksniai, Lithuania)
KARLIN (Zagera, Lithuania) MARCUS (Ackmene, Lithuania) KLAPMAN (Ackmene,
Lithuania) , ORKIN (Zagera, Lithuania) ORKIN ( Yaneshik/Yoniskis)
Lithuania, MIRRELSON (Kourland, Latvia and Kurshan, Lithuania) S(C)HILLMAN
(Kreutzburg/Krustpils, Latvia) BREST (Bauska, Latvia) NOVGOROD
(Yaneshik/Joniskis , Alte Zagera, Lithuania) CHEIN (Unknown), CHAVKIN

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