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David Shapiro <ddshapiro@...>

Berel SHAPIRA son of David was a relative of mine. I find him and his
family in the ALD listed twice in the 1898 revision lists.

They are listed in Krekanova Volost under "families living out of town,
1st stan." with a comment "Registered in Panevezys; lives in
Mingeliany since birth".

The same family (with a few more older children and with the parents
and some of the children six years younger, but others the same age
as in the Krekanova list) are listed in Troskunai in the same year
under "additional family list".

Can anyone explain why they are listed twice, and the discrepancies.
Where is Mingeliany? It doesn't show up in the Shtetl-seeker.
Incidentally I know that one of Berel's daughters lived in Krekanova
after her marriage. Finally, can anyone suggest how I can find more
information of Berel's place of birth and on his father, David's, family?
I am descended >from David's sister (name unknown) who married
Kalman Zalkind SHMULEVITZ.

Many thanks,

David Shapiro

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