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Susan <susanplouffe@...>

Thank you very much to all who have so kindly given me information to work
on regarding my naming questions. I have posted the two tombstones in
question on to viewmate to confirm that indeed they are the exact same name
in Hebrew. (it may take a few days for them to be online)
1.The consensus has been that the children made a mistake with the tombstone
or a Rabbi may have assigned Louis the name "retroactively".
2.The children with the same names as aunts and uncles were probably named
after deceased relatives prior to the aunts and uncles.
3.The name "Benjamin" could have originally been any variation of the name
or the name Wolf.

Susan Plouffe
Vancouver, Canada
LIVER/BENJAMIN: Zagare, Kaunas, Lithuania
Burton-Upon-Trent, Southport, Bournemouth, England
Glasgow, Scotland

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