Lithuania SIG #Lithuania SILBERMAN, Golde and Peshe. Alytus or Kalvarija. Do you recognize? #lithuania

Golda Zewi

I have posted on ViewMate two photos of young SILBERMAN girls who according
to text

on the backside of the photos are cousins to my GOLDBERG family from

Zsaki, Lithuania. Photos are >from 1930 and 1933.



If you recognize either of the girls, please respond privately to me at

Thanks in advance

Golda Zewi
Turku, Finland

KAGAN, COHEN, SHAPIRO >from Oshmyany Belarus
RAPPAPORT >from Kedainiai or Panevezys Lithuania
GOLDBERG >from Sakiai Lithunia
HIRSCHOWITSCH >from Oshmyany or Slonim Belarus
HOFFMAN >from Slonim or Kossovo Belarus

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