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Pnina Meislish <pniname@...>

Dear friends,
Some days ago one of my family members found in his mother's boidem [closet] in Tel
Aviv two documents written in Hebrew
by Harav Yair J. PETERZEIL, Grenadierstr. 4a Berlin to Abraham SCHIMEL.
This man had in Berlin a factory (Fabrik) of glue together with a non-Jew.
So he wanted to know how to manage in Peshach, as the glue was Chametz, and
what to do with the money that they both got when the factory worked in

One of these documents is a Shtar Mechirat Chametz [temporary sale of non-kosher
food stuffs over Passover] in this factory, repeated
in 1921-22-23,
And the other is a response :What to do with the money that came >from the
work of the factory on Shabbath.
In Granadierstrasse lived in these times The Jewish immigrants >from Eastern
Europe, and Abraham SCHIMEL was one of them.
It seems that so was also Harav PETERZEIL.
Does any on know who he was ?
I will appreciate any help.
Pnina Meislish, Jerusalem

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