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I responded to Yale Reisner's offer for him to look up our surnames in the
Telephone Books which the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation in Warsaw, Poland had
recently received.

Yale was kind enough, as he always is, to provide me a lengthy list of
entries for my family names. I am sharing them with all of you in the hopes
that you may find information on your family.

I do not have any more information on any of these people, so please do not
direct questions to me. This discussion list is the place to find out if
anyone else knows anything about these people.

Here's who appears in the 1940 Lithuanian phone directory:

Baranas, Morduchas, Adomo Jaksto g-ve 12, bt. 3; tel: 714;
Baranis, Eliasas, Sopeno g-ve 4, bt. 5; tel: 2521
Kaplanas, Aleksandras, med. dr., vidaus, spec. skilvio ir zarnu ligos
[internist], Pylimo g-ve 47; tel: 200;
Kaplanas, I., inz. [engineer], Tauro g-ve 21, bt. 6; tel: 1170;
Kaplanas, Izraelis, advokatas [lawyer], Vilniaus g-ve 28, bt. 9; tel: 582;
Kaplaniene, Debora, Pylimo g-ve 10, bt. 6; tel: 2919;
Kaplan-Kaplanskis, D., Geliu gatve 5; tel: 2560;
Pitumas, M., Sv. Stepono g-ve 14, bt. 4; tel: 1162;
Goldbargas, Meieris, dantu gydytojas [dentist], Didzioji g-ve 26, bt. 1;
tel: 1996;
Goldbergas, M., muilo fabrikas [soap factory] "Ekonomija", Ukmerges gatve
91; tel: 433;
Goldbergas, T., f-mos "Nektar" sav., Vilniaus g-ve 52; tel: 460;
Bernsteinas, Borysas, alaus urmo sandelis ir vaisvandeniu dirbtuve,
Uzupio g-ve 19, bt. 12; tel: 1862.

The 1929 Wilno directory shows:

Baran Morduch, residence, Kijowska 2; tel: 7 14;
Baran Owsiej, residence, Szopena 4; tel: 14 25;
Kaplan Aleksander, med. dr., residence, Zawalna 47; tel: 6 90;
Kaplan Izaak, Alpern Benjamin, residence, Subocz 85; tel: 14 42;
Kaplan Izrael, lawyer, residence, Wielka 30; tel: 5 82;
Kaplan-Kaplanski, D., Kwiatowa 5; tel: 3 53;
Kaplan S., med. dr., residence, Wilenska 11; tel: 6 40;
Goldberg Boruch, residence, Pilsudskiego 2; tel: 3 86;
Goldberg Emanuel, residence, Jagiellonska 3; tel: 1 36;
Goldberg T., residence, Wilenska 48; tel: 4 60;
Laskowiczowa Celestyna, residence, Zarzecze 16; tel: 17 16.

I hope this information assists some of you. Should the information prove
useful, I would suggest a donation in support
of the work of the Lauder Foundation. They should be made
payable to the "Javne Fund," 767 Fifth Ave., Suite 4200, NY, NY 10153,
earmarked for "Warsaw Genealogy Project."

I have no personal involvement in the Lauder Foundation, but have found them
and Yale Reisner, personally, to be of great assistance in the past.

Eden Joachim
Pomona, New York

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