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Joel Ratner

Regarding information on Vilna area Jews and the Holocaust, one should not
forget the important work performed by the Russian Extraordinary Commission.
I visited the Holocaust Museum a few weeks ago and came away with several
items as follows:

1. Lists of Vilna Jews recorded by the commission in Fond RG-22 Film 19

2. Lists of primarily Lithuanian Jews sent to Estonia for extermination
found in Fond RG-22 Film 22 or 23. 95% of the names in this list were >from

Film 19 contains lists for all of Lithuania and are categorized by uyezd
[district]. Some entries are handwritten, others are typewritten but not
good enough to scan [I tried with no luck].

There are other, smaller lists I came away with however, these are the
primary sources I was able to acquire.

Joel Ratner
Coordinator, Vilna District Research Group

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