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Zalman <zall@...>

a small correction: the right spelling - Slobodka

Zalman Lazkovich

Concerning Rich's question:

> Does anyone have information on perhaps a list of names of Rabbis =
received ordination >from the Slabodka Yeshiva in the 1920's/1930's? <

Slabodka Yeshiva hadn't been an istitute for rabbinical studies and
ordinations. Usually, elder students of the yeshiva used to learn by
themselves the appropriate studies needed for a Rabbi, and then tried
to get
ordinations >from three known Lithuanian Rabbis. The Heads of the
Yeshiva in the 30's hadn't served as shtetl Rabbis, and therefore
give ordinations to their students. So, there is no such list of

Ben-Tsion Klibansky

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