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Hi Nathalie,

BTW, my name is also Zalman, so I know a little about this name.
The original Hebrew name >from which Zalman has derived is Shlomo.
"Shlomo HaMelech" was Israel's King, which in English is known as King
Solomon. Of course the english version of the name has appeared much
much later when our Bible/Torah was translated into english.
After the destruction of the second Temple by Romans, the diaspora
started with many Jews settling in Europe. So those who were called
Shlomo adopted the name Salomon/Solomon.
Later on it became Salman>>>>Zalman.

Zalman Lazkovich

I have an ancestor named Zalmen and I thought it was a form of Solomon
but I got a doubt seeing that the Vilna Gaon's names were Elijah ben=
Salomon Zalman : if Solomon and Zalman were the same name, would it be
repeated twice.

Thanks for your opinion about this,

Nathalie RIED (Paris, FRANCE)

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