Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Greetings from Brazil: Seeking GERSONAS, KANNERIS, FELMANAITE #lithuania

Luis Kaner <lkaner@...>

Hi all,

My name is Luis Kaner and I subscribed this forun few
days ago.

I am trying to find my roots in Lithuania, my father's
home country. He was born in 1920 in Kaunas and
Grandparents and him arrived in Brazil in 1929, with a
brief stop in Germany were my aunt was born.

Altough I tried to find information about them at
Jewishgen I didn't have success.

My father's name is Israelis Gersonas, grandpa's
Hirsas Kanneris and Grandma's Nechama Felmanaite. I
collected this information >from his birth certificate,
a very nice colorful document, written and filled in
Lithuanian one side and written in Ivrit and filled
in Yidish other side.

I'd appreciate if anyone could give me a hint. I can
also try to help if anybody needs information in

Thanks all,

Luis Kaner

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