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Please allow me to respectfully request that you all give some thought
to your email programs and settings before contacting fellow researchers
seeking information.

I received two inquiries this morning via the Family Tree of the Jewish
People, >from a researcher in Israel looking for information on my family,
BARON. I wrote a lengthy reply which was promptly returned by his
internet provider / email service saying "Mail >from Sender Denied".

We all want to make new connections; that's a big part of this genealogy
hobby of ours. is hard enough without additional problems
such as I've mentioned above. Please...use some common sense when
reaching out to others in the hopes of expanding your knowledge. We
all lead busy lives and get frustrated when we attempt to share
information only to be told, thanks, but no thanks; you just wasted
your valuable time today.

Eden Joachim
Pomona, New York

MODERATOR'S NOTE: We are publishing this message as an important
reminder of the way Spam Blockers can interrupt genealogical
communication. This will not be the beginning of a thread.

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