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Today my Alperovitch genealogical musings led me to discover my blood
relationship with my Alperovich next door neighbor here in Haifa. For a
while I've seen clear signs that we are related through two distant gfs born
around 1800, a relationship that appeared to date back to the early 1700's.

However, today I realized that our great greats, one a woman named Feiga bat
Srul Alperovich Alperovich, and the other a man named Menko/Mendel ben Notko
Alperovich, both born about 1800-1810, were FIRST COUSINS. In other words,
they shared a common set of grandparents, named Abram and Rocha (bat Itzko
Rabinovich) Alperovich, and of course a common set of great grandparents
named Anshel and ? (bat Alperovich); Anshel was born about 1720. Boy, am I
in business!!!

How did the lightening strike, given that when I started my musings I didn't
know that Feiga's maiden name was Alperovich or that her father Srol A. was
a brother of my "great great" Notka A. The answer is that I finally noticed
that two of Feiga's daughters bore the names of MY 18th century
grandmothers. And where in the world did I learn the name of MY 18th century

The answer to that riddle is that in the year 2000 via email I requested
from fellow researchers Alperovich family trees >from all the Alperoviches
that had them. I got 6 trees and only recently have I noticed that MY OWN
TREE, made mainly >from the 1850 Kurenets Revision List which I donated $100
for, and received in Excel form, links up with one of those trees. Luckily
for me, the tree that mine links up to was one commissioned >from a
Lithuanian family tree researcher working with the original Kurenets
Revision Lists in the Lithuanian State Historical Archives.

In summary, today I saw how my next door neighbor and I are related -
through our common ancestor, Abram ben Anshel Alperovich, born in Kurenets's
House No. 8 in 1750!

Thanks for the help of all the researchers. Without it, I never would have
been able to make all the connections described above.

Kind regards,
Andi Alpert Ziegelman

Alperovich in Kurenets, Postawy and Vileika
Feinberg aka Sukkot/Shochet in Kavarsk and Moletai
Mishler aka Mishli/Misli/Mesle/Mysle in Ukmerge
Cohen, Raisa Gittel (born abt 1854) in Ukmerge

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