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In response to the question about obtaining information about my family
name I have to say that Galina Baranova, the head archivist at the state
archives listed below responded to my request for information.
She had done a search for someone else with my surname and had only found
listings of names apparently >from a listing of street addresses. It did
not go back and I was looking for information >from the 1800s.

Contact information:

Galina wrote that they were currently working with requests >from January
2005 so it is a slow process.

Lithuanian State Historical Archives
(Lietuvos Valstybes Istorijos Archyvas)
Gerosios Vilties 10
2009 Vilnius, Lithuania
The initial payment for the search is 400 Litas. 2.1 Litas = 1 USD OR
3.45 LITAS = 1 EU which in the converted form can be sent by check
directly to the archive.

Or transfer the money for the name of Lithuanian State Historical
Archives to the account #LT 617 3000 10035324224 in the Lithuanian
Savings Bank (HANSA-LTB), Vilnius SWIFT:HABA LT 22. This is taken
directly >from a letter I received >from the archives on March 7, 2006.
After the search you can order copies or archival certificates. They
will notify you of the charges.

Harriet Arnberg (Arenberg) Weidenbaum

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