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I have recently recieved a copy of the 1874 (updated in 1894) census
of my paternal great grandparents family >from Vilkomir, Lithuania.
It has enabled me to tie up some loose ends and at the same time open
new doors. I had known of some of my great grandfather's children, but
have now found out that there were a total of 12, including a set of

Although the family name was Khrapun in Russian and Charpun in Polish,
all the family took the name Blumenthal upon emigrating to the US and
I have listed those that I know emigrated with that name. Here is the
information I have. I hope that someone recognizes a family member.

Kalman Khrapun (b. 1830) married Esther Katz. Their children were
Abraham Blumenthal b.1869 d. April 7,1943 Brooklyn Grisha Khrapun
b.1866 d. July 10, 1924 in Lithuania.Married Chaya Geffen.
These were my grandparents.
Osvey Khrapun b.1864 d.1897
Liebe Mendel Blumenthal b.1873. On many ship manifests he is listed as the
person many family members were going to. He lived on Rutgers St. NYC but I
have been unable to locate him on any census.
Benjamin Mendel Blumenthal b. 1873 twin of Liebe Mendel
Leyzer Khrapun b.1879
Shora Khrapun b.1860 married to unknown
Minka (Minnie) Blumenthal b.May 15, 1863 d. July 10, 1928 in
Brooklyn.Married to unknown Weintraub.
Zelda Khrapun b.1872 married to unknown
Bliuma Paya b.1872 died in Vilnus Feb.1, 1902 unknown whether married or not.
Khava b.1877 married to unknown
Fruma (Fannie) Blumenthal b.1886 d.Dec 17, 1942 in Brooklyn NY Married Sam
Rosen in 1910
The 1910 NY census has Fannie and Sam living with Benny and his wife in
Brooklyn. Also listed on that census is Abie Blumenthal b.July 1893
immigrated 1910. He is listed as Benny's brother.
There are also listings on the ALD for an Efroim and Kalman Khrapun whose
father is Osvey. I don't know if the Kalman listed is my ggrandfather
and Efroim his brother.

I have additional information on those who immigrated to NY. I hope some
of these names are familiar to someone and will help me make more

Carol Blumenthal-Cohen
Brooklyn NY

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