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Shoshana L. Boublil wrote:
I just discovered that my grandfather A"H studied at Yeshivat Ram
Ma'ailos in Vilnius around 1906, with Rabbi Eliezer Silver (the Rosh
Yeshiva was Rav Chaim Ozer Grozinsky).
Is there anyplace I could read information about this Yeshiva? Any
pictures, descriptions etc.?

Rabbi Eliezer Silver studied in the "Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzensky's
Kibbutz" in Vilna, which was established in 1896/1897, and was under the
direct sponsorship of Rabbi Chaim Ozer. The students there were elder
learned youngsters, few of them even after marriage.

Remaile's Yeshiva is another story [the correct name is Remaile ( Reb
Maile's yeshiva)]. In 1906 it wasn't still under the sponsorship of
Rabbi Chaim Ozer. You can find some recent pictures of this yeshiva in
the book of Leizer Ran ,Yerushalayim De'Lita, but not >from the 1906
time, as the building in the old city had collapsed in 1909/1910 and was
built again in another suburb, Novgorod. You can also find some
information about this yeshiva in the book of Israel Kloizner,
Vilna-Yerushalayim De'Lita.

So, first you have to find out in which institute your grandfather had
exactly studied.

Ben-Tsion Klibansky

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